Lab Affiliates

Anjana Chandran

Lab Affiliate

Anjana Chandran is interested in understanding person perception and prejudice using empirical, behavioral and neurophysiological approaches. She is particularly interested in variables and processes within the perceiver’s social mind such as status comparisons, threat and reward perceptions, that impact upon impressions of and behavior towards targets. Anjana comes from a background in Computer Science Engineering, Social Psychology research, and Consulting. Outside of work, she loves to travel, hike, read and dance with her son.

Kevin Wei

Lab Affiliate

Kevin started as a graduate student in the Fall of 2017. Broadly, he is interested in social cognition, with specific interests in implicit bias and motivated reasoning. He is also interested in how individual differences (race, gender, status, personality) influence how we perceive other people and navigate our social environments. Kevin earned his B.A. in Psychology from Pomona College, where he worked in Dr. Richard Lewis and Dr. Sharon Goto’s Cultural Neuroscience Lab. Currently, Kevin is a Visiting Teaching Associate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a research assistant in Dr. Linda Skitka’s Social and Political Psychology Lab. Outside of the lab, Kevin enjoys spending time with his cats, watching Netflix, and going to the gym.

Tianyi Li

Lab Affiliate

Tianyi joins us after having worked as a research assistant in Dr. Richard Davidson’s Lab for Affective Neuroscience, Dr. Patricia Devine’s Prejudice and Intergroup Relations Lab, and Dr. Yuri Miyamoto’s Culture and Cognition Lab. She is interested in understanding how social cues such as status and race impact person perception, as well as how individual differences in social experiences (e.g., exposure to diversity) early in life shape the way we perceive others.

Tianyi spends her spare time in arts and crafts such as jewelry making, drawing, and making clothes for her dog.